Tax Reform

Taxes, while undesirable, serve a necessary function to fund governments at all levels.  However, as the tax-collector gets farther away from the taxpayer, the potential for misuse of taxpayer money grows larger.  Higher taxes lead to less money immediately in the hands of the private sector for use in everyday business.

Bureaucratic red tape causes those taxes that are used to pay private contractors, government employees, and purchase private goods and services, slow to be used.  People are better served by lower taxes because it allows them to make more direct decisions about what their money is used for.  I will work to return more of your own hard-earned dollars to you, not create more bailouts and handouts.

If elected, I would work to:

  • Replace the progressive income tax with a simple flat income tax or a consumption tax which would force the federal government to tighten its belt like you’ve had to tighten yours
  • Reduce the corporate tax rate, one of the highest in the world, which gets passed off onto you and me by raising the cost of what we buy every day
  • Begin the process of decreasing the size of the IRS, because with a simpler tax code there will be a decreased need for the IRS
Posted on Apr 07, 2010
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