Personal Accountability

Holding our elected officials accountable for their campaign promises, especially their broken promises, is necessary to ensure that our representative continues to represent us in Congress.  Instead of allowing himself to be held accountable, Gene continues to make excuses for his inaction in Congress.  You deserve better.

If elected, I will implement the following to be the more accountable and honest representative you need:

  • Weekly “virtual town hall meetings” held on my website, for the weeks that I’m not holding town hall meetings in South MS
  • I will push for congressional term limits and also personally limit myself to a maximum of three terms in office
  • I will not participate in the congressional pension plan
  • Online report card showing my campaign promises compared to what I’m getting done in Congress and grading them as Pass/Fail
  • When you call my D.C. office, I will speak with a set number of constituents daily (e.g. 1 out of every 50 calls) so that you know for a fact that your voice is being heard
  • Returning any budget surplus for my office to the Treasury, akin to what representatives like Congressman Ron Paul do
  • Treat you with sincerity and respect, not call you “astroturf” like Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats have said
Posted on Apr 08, 2010
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