Education Reform

Public education is an area that the federal government continues to override the rights of the states to govern themselves.  I believe education is the cornerstone of a person’s development.  However, as a libertarian who favors limited government, I advocate for the removal of the U.S. Department of Education (US Ed).  The education system we have in place is severely flawed as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to educational standards.  I favor a system that lets the states become more autonomous in handling their own educational procedures and standards.

If elected, I would work to:

  • Convert the US Ed into a federal accreditation board, as a transitional phase toward dissolving the department, that makes sure that the state-level Departments of Education are adhering to a minimum acceptable curriculum standard, allowing schools to better able choose for themselves what they want to teach their students
  • Transition school funding from a federal level to state and local levels
  • Collaborate with state legislators encompassed by the 4th District to create a seamless change-over plan to make Mississippi educationally autonomous, because our state government knows better than the federal government in how to administrate its educational future
  • Advocate in the state, but not federally, for classes and annual reviews of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with grade appropriate tests to re-instill appreciation of our country’s history and unique form of government into our children
Posted on Apr 05, 2010
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