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Liberty Candidates 2010 (
Doug Craig - CEO, Viking Metals
Mrs. Jerry Martin - Former 19-year office manager for Congressman Gene Taylor
Wes Benedict - Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee
Alex Snitker - Libertarian candidate, US Senate (FL)
Guy McLendon - Chair, Harris County Libertarian Party (TX)
MS Libertarian Party
Dan Lindsay - Member, 912 Project Hattiesburg
John Jay Myers - 2010 LNC Chairman candidate

Personal Accountability

Holding our elected officials accountable for their campaign promises, especially their broken promises, is necessary to ensure that our representative continues to represent us in Congress.  Instead of allowing himself to be held accountable, Gene continues to make excuses for his inaction in Congress.  You deserve better.

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Tax Reform

Taxes, while undesirable, serve a necessary function to fund governments at all levels.  However, as the tax-collector gets farther away from the taxpayer, the potential for misuse of taxpayer money grows larger.  Higher taxes lead to less money immediately in the hands of the private sector for use in everyday business.

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